EasyUI for jQuery 1.5.3发布

夏悸 4月前 774


  • combobox: The 'iconCls' property can not be parsed from the <option> markup. fixed.
  • combobox: Clicking scrollbar will cause the drop-down panel to be hidden in IE. fixed.
  • pagination: The pagination height will shrink when the 'displayMsg' property is set to false. fixed.
  • tabs: The tab panel takes a wrong 'data' parameter in the 'onLoad' event. fixed.
  • draggable: Add 'onEndDrag' event.
  • resizable: Retrieve more than one resizing directions with different edges.
  • datagrid: Add 'resizeEdge' property.
  • datagrid: Avoid the memory leaks.
  • combo: The 'originalValue' property value is corrected in multiple mode.
  • form: Add the tagbox to the form fields.
  • tagbox: Add the 'reset' method.
  • progress: Increase the response time to open and close the progress message window.

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